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The Comigo app combines therapy and productivity support in a single place, delivering actionable solutions that fit into your life.
Get practical, conversational support for improving symptom management in your day to day. Develop long-term strategies and skill sets to help you self-regulate your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors — through access to CBT, DBT, and ACT.

Build, learn, and grow with 24/7 access to practical advice and support to help you flourish.

One for all.

Comigo makes AI-powered mental wellness and productivity support affordable, accessible, and constantly available to everyone with ADHD – in a single app. No waiting lines. No session limits.
Work better with your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
Learn management skills to transform your day to day.
Build long-term strategies and toolkits to help you flourish.

every journey

Comigo is Portuguese for “with me”. With you for every
journey, Comigo is always there to listen, advise, and propose actionable activities.
Manage with Comigo
Take control
Keep on course to meet your objectives with features that help you organize, prioritize, and stay on top of your daily and long-term goals.
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Learn with Comigo
Release your potential
Comigo learns with you, developing a deep understanding of the way you work best and tailoring advice, therapies, and activities to your unique needs.
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Unwind with Comigo
Find clarity
Support your mental wellbeing with exercises designed to alleviate mental burden and give you space to breathe.
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Build with Comigo
Build your toolkit
Develop long-term strategies and build a toolkit to help you thrive now and in the future.
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Grow with Comigo
Accelerate your personal growth
Working in the background to support your personal growth, Comigo identifies challenges and areas for improvement and proactively helps you address them.
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Our amigos
love Comigo.

“Comigo is exactly what I was looking for and desperately needed to help me get my ADHD brain on task and organized. The future is bright for this app and I am amazed at everything they’ve achieved already at the early stage.”
Faz Moosa
“What sets Comigo apart is the friendly user interface and interactions. Comigo really feels like a friend helping to guide me through my thoughts.”
William Ross
“Just started playin – loved the onboarding! Felt like it was trying to understand me, and the switch between chat/survey was seamless.”
Yohei Nakajima
Supporting productivity

Work at
your best

Stay on track with productivity support to help you navigate each challenge and work at your best.
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Intelligent Task Planning
Prioritize, get time estimates based on your activity, and break down tasks into smaller more manageable chunks.
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Focus Mode
Work through your todos by focusing on one task at a time with the next task automatically served up upon completion.
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Life Planner
Planning to go to college in a year? Break down long-term goals into checklists of tasks spread over time and always have them in sight.
Supporting mental wellbeing

Be at
your best

Find your focus with mental wellbeing support to help you manage your thoughts and feelings and be at your best.
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Evidence-Based Exercises
Explore, understand, and work through difficult feelings and thoughts with empirically supported behavioral therapies, including CBT, DBT, and ACT.
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Executive Function Coaching
Invigorate day-to-day organization, planning, and regulation with Comigo as your executive function coach.
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Progress Tracking
Stay informed of personal progress. Comigo grows with you, providing feedback on your productivity, habits, and health behaviors.
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Gift Comigo to a loved one

Help a loved one transform their life with Comigo by their side.
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asked questions

Learn more about Comigo by reading answers to our most commonly asked questions. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please get in touch. Our team is always happy to help.
Does Comigo work / is it effective?
At its core, Comigo utilizes empirically supported therapeutic exercises from CBT, DBT, and ACT, as well as executive functioning strategies that have been used and refined over decades. We are in the process of creating our own study – an internal clinical trial – and will subsequently publish our findings.
Is Comigo therapy?
No, Comigo has not been evaluated, cleared, or approved by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, monitor, treat, or prevent any disease. Comigo may be considered as a supplement to clinical care, but it is not intended to replace clinical care.
Is there a free trial available?
Yes. All Comigo subscriptions start with a free 7-day trial in order to ensure that Comigo is right for you and your patients. You’ll also receive an email notice before your payment method is billed, and you can cancel with a click.
What is your cancellation policy?
We understand that things change. You can cancel your plan at any time and we’ll refund you the difference already paid.
How do I change my account email?
If you would like to change the email address associated with your account, please reach out to us at